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If you haven't chosen from the available positions but are interested in working for us and believe you have something to offer, send us your resume/CV.

Company finance More

The finance department handles accounting and money management for our facility

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Production More

You can find employment in this department primarily at these positions:

CNC Operator

Participate in technological processes and work operations such as: machining, turning, milling, drilling, grinding, finishing machining methods or non-traditional machining methods.

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Paint components in the paint shop using special lacquer.

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Assembly technician

Complete individual components of subassemblies.

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TIG, arc welding.

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Purchasing More

Referred to internally as Supply Chain/Purchasing, this department is responsible for working closely with suppliers of production and non-production related materials, and is dedicated to maintaining working relationships between production and suppliers and supporting production efficiency.

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Logistics More

The department of logistics and material planning manages the timely delivery of materials to production from internal and external sources, handles shipping to end customers, is responsible for storage, ordering and preparing goods and also for work safety.

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Personnel department (HR) More

The personnel department handles all concerns related to current and future employees (recruitment, benefits, personal development and many others).

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Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) More

EHS is responsible for the health and safety of our employees and the environment.

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Engineering and quality More

The engineering department is responsible for the development of new procedures related to turbine repair in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME region). This is where we design new technological procedures, and specify the choice and implementation of equipment used in the production process in compliance with EU regulations (Environmental protection, safety, etc.) and our own specifications at Solar Turbines (reliability, sustainability, technological and construction aspects).

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Maintenance and property management More

The maintenance department handles not only the repair of equipment and tools but also regular upkeep and timely problem solving. Property management keeps the building running properly (air-conditioning, lights, water, etc.).

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IT More

The IT department manages the information infrastructure and computer hardware as well as all business software. We are part of an international team and maintain continuous contact globally. We handle various issues and business projects in the Czech Republic as well as internationally.

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Our hiring process

We depend on a well-functioning team, and to achieve this we take interest not only in a candidate's professional qualifications but also his or her motivation, personality, skill and attitude. Our hiring process includes the following steps:

Send us your resume/CV You can send your resume/CV on the career page as a reply for the desired position. If you haven't chosen from the available positions but are still interested in working for us and believe you have something to offer, send us your resume/CV via the on-line questionnaire. Please don't forget to include the area in which you would like to be employed.

We confirm your application Specialists in our HR department will look over each application and/or resume/CV received within 3 weeks. If your submission meets our requirements we will arrange an interview. In the event that your submission does not meet our expectations you will be informed via email within 4 weeks.


Appointment for Interview During the interview, which we try to arrange within 4 weeks of receiving your resume/CV, we will ask you about your professional skills and experience. We are also interested in understanding your motivation and helping you to understand our company culture and values. When there is a specific position being applied for the interview stage is conducted in several rounds. In such cases we will inform you about the details of the meetings to follow, our expectations, and how you can best prepare.

Job offer Once you successfully complete the interviews and still wish to become part of the Solar team we will present you with a formal job offer. Should you choose to accept, there are a few obligations to be taken care of on your side (certification, doctor approval, etc. based on position applied for).

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